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The Activist

Civil Rights Violation


I don't know if you've all heard this already, but I felt the need to post it.

"On June 21, 2005 a good friend’s civil rights were violated. First by the staff and security at Six Flags Marine World, and second by the Vallejo City Police Department. As a season pass holder he was considered "rowdy" while waiting in line for an attraction. His appearence made some of the patrons uncomfortable. He was taken into an office, lectured, and told he was to leave the park. When he asked to go, they told him the police had already been called. When the police arrived he asked his charges, and they told him "we will just have to make something up." They frisked him, twice, and then lead him away in handcuffs, forced him against the car, and as his leg brushed up against the officer, the charge of battery was added to the list. He was not drunk, having only had one 12oz can of Budweiser before he walked the two miles to the theme park from his home in Vallejo. He had no intent to harm or hurt anyone, and he was taken in, arrestted, and forced to endure slander and threats from officers, who at one point made fun of him for "trying to grab an officer's dick," and calling him a "wuss" and a "homo." They asked him his sexuality, which they proceeded to enter into a computer in order to "place" him in the jail. He stayed four days courtesy of the Vallejo police department for being loud at a theme park. He was pushed around, hit, tossed to the floor, and it was repeatedly made evident that his sexuality and stature and appearence were the cause of harassment. Attempts to obtain the police report have gotten us nowhere, they denied access to it unless his attorney (*he doesn't have one) asks for it. Any help would be appriciated. We understand that people do not like to jump on board without information, and we are trying to get as much as possible. Josue is depressed, not eating, and not in good mental condition due to this experience, and we are just trying to keep him from going to jail where he will be subjected to abuse and taunts by these same officers, who we feel have violated his civil rights as a citizen, gay, straight, black, blue, or whatever. Thank you."

Go to the link, add them as a friend and please leave them a comment supporting them.

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