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I was pissed because I went to and found that they do not offer their successful personality profile to same sex orinations. So I wrote them a little note:

Date: 11/24/05
Subject: General Questions[#4368680]

I find it very offensive that E-Harmony does not offer its personality
profile access to homosexual or trangendered members. Does the CEO
think that homosexuals are not deserving or hoping to find love like their
straight counterparts? This is iggnorance, your commercials boast how
successful your website is on people finding true love using it. Surely
this should be available to people of all sexual orinations and not
just reserved for just the straight members of society.

Thank you for contacting

eHarmony provides an Internet relationship service with a patented

matching system designed to match highly compatible men and women who are

seeking a long-term relationship. eHarmony's patented matching system

is premised on over 35 years of clinical practice and empirical study

with opposite-sex couples about the similarities and differences between

men and women and what leads to a successful opposite-sex relationship.

eHarmony has not developed the same long-term research on the most

successful same-sex unions. For that reason, eHarmony does not provide

online matching services to persons seeking only same-sex matches. It

does not, however, prevent anyone from accessing the website, filling out

the Relationship Questionnaire, receiving the free Personality Profile,

and using the opposite-sex service as we currently provide it.


eHarmony Customer Care

I must admit I am kinda speechless, I have debated to myself that does not offer hetrosexual profiles, but I just get irked. I know this was not a personal email more likely an automated message to be sent back to every inquiring homo. I may have been a little sleep deprived when I wrote it, but you know, the defination of harmony, is all things living together in symbiance<horrible speller I know, and ambiance. I just think its bullshit and then to write a responce like "Oh we don't have the research of successful same-sex unions" I know alot of old couples out there that would be happy to provide that information! Then to say it doesn't stop one from filling out the Relationship Quistionnare and recieving the free Personality Profile using the opposite sex service as we currently provide? I mean are they actually saying that we should pose as straight people to use the website? I don't know, just one of those things. I think about my friends wedding attended over the summer and what a strong family unit they are, and another friend of mine wants to adopt kids, these are both affirmations full of LOVE and why the iggnorant people can't see that sexual orintation does not mean our relationships and family units are not in vain, or wrong and why they should give us our equal right to marriage! Grrrrrr!
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